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Hedge Cutting

Whether its an annual trim or a more extensive pruning project we are experts in hedge maintenance and restoration. With our extensive knowledge we can help you to create a plan on how to keep your hedges looking healthy all year round, when the best time to schedule a cut might be or help bring an unruly hedge back to life.


Tree Removal

There are many reasons why a tree might have to be felled, and it is a decision that needs careful consideration and advice from a qualified professional. Whether the tree is suffering from disease, decay, or a potential/existing hazard; Tohunga Tree Services are specialists in removal and will ensure it is removed safely, efficiently and quickly.


Site Clearance

Full site clearance for residential or commercial purposes carried out at the highest standard with high attention to detail to ensure full removal of roots, stumps and bi products leaving a clear site.


Stump Grinding

Considered separate from tree removal, stump grinding is the removal of the root plate of the tree, which we can provide according to your specifications on depth. Whether you require a complete removal or just below the surface we will work with you to meet your requirements.


Tree Surveys

Consider this a health check for your trees, we work with qualified specialists to help diagnose and assess current or future problems of your trees. This will ensure a plan of action can be put in place and carried out in an appropriate timeframe, minimising emergency situations arising in the future.


Tree Planting

Helping new trees to flourish, our tree planting services ensure the right tree, the right time and the right placement to ensure they thrive.


Tree Pruning

A master craft, correct tree pruning will ensure not only the aesthetics of the tree, but also longevity of life and health of the tree. From crown reduction, thinning and lifting we will thoroughly assess each individual tree to provide the best outcome.

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